Phillips Family of Alder Creek New York and Affiliated Families
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The Phillips Family of Alder Creek, Oneida County, New York is one that has pre-Revolutionary War roots. As do the Arnold, Travis, Taylor, Ward, and several other lines that are part of this family that played important parts in the formation of this country. They all endured and survived the rustic life style of the first settlers to this land. We can all learn from them. If they could do these great things, then so can we. The Phillips Records - Creator: Vickie Travis - 2013 Katy Phillips - 2013 Physical Description: As yet not analyzed. Type: Photographs, letters, journals, financial papers, school records, health records, birth records, marriage records, death certificates census records, family histories. Date: 1632-2012 Summary: These miscellaneous papers were created and collected by members of the Phillips family and documents covering over 500 years of their lives and work. The Phillips family has origins in the state of New York, originally named New Netherland. Some members were Patroons and most owned farmland and acreage in rural the areas of Albany and Schenectady, New York. Our particular branch stationed themselves in the town of Alder Creek, Oneida County, New York around 1825 after having relocated from the Johnstown area of Montgomery/Fulton County, New York. The papers were spread throughout family members until two family members Vickie Travis and Katy Phillips began genealogical searches tracing their family history. Attempting to start a catalog of what was uncovered, some of the sites were re-visited and photographed and many family members contributed documents and/or items that were being stored in their homes. Many decades earlier other family members had done the same but the collected records were destroyed accidentally by another family member that mistakenly believed they were not accurate. As it turns out, the records were very accurate. In the interest of accuracy and to preserve these records for all family members to have a copy of they have been displayed here.This time they will not accidentally become lost again.

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Marriage License for Joel W. Arnold and Elizabeth Warburton Dec 4 1843
Marriage License for Joel W. Arnold and Elizabeth Warburton Dec 4 1843

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These photographs were located at the Alder Creek, Oneida County, Phillips Family Farm. The identity of the people are currently unknown to us. If you have any inkling as to who they are please contact us.

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